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Cuddly Toys 'Trials and Crosses' & 'Someone's Crying' 2xCD



* First time on CD, for this glam-rock band’s 2nd album, from the 1982 New-Romantic era.

* Features bonus disc with ‘Someone’s Crying’ EP plus 13 previously unheard songs. 12-page booklet with photos, lyrics and detailed notes by Toys expert Iain McDougall.

* Formed from glam-punk band 'R@ped' who changed their name when they turned glammier on their debut album, 'Guillotine Theatre'.

Cuddly Toys second and final album ‘Trials And Crosses’ is released on CD for the very first time, together with the ‘Someone’s Crying’ EP and thirteen previously unreleased recordings and demos, spread over 2 CDs.

Sean Purcell’s Cuddly Toys, who debuted with the unashamedly glam ‘Guillotine Theatre’ album in 1979, had by 1982 had evolved into a powerful new synth and guitar-led line-up.  Glam influences also inspired the New Romantic movement of that period, and Sean’s sound and vision now became more in tune with the times.

Then managed by the mysterious masked wrestler Kendo Nagasaki, Cuddly Toys gigged around the UK in some style – most often as headliners but also with Classix Nouveau, Gary Glitter and Killing Joke.  Their ‘It’s A Shame’ single was played on Radio One, London gigs were invariably packed and they were frequently tipped for big things ahead.

Cuddly Toys had evolved out of the 1977 shock-punk band R*ped, and consequently were hated by much of the press, but in retrospect are now recognised. 

Classic Rock said of the ‘Guillotine Theatre’ CD reissue: -

“70’s glam rock’s last masterpiece!  An immensely dramatic, deliciously sordid and utterly marvellous second cousin to Ziggy Stardust, Guillotine Theatre preens with unreconstructed Rocky Horror fabulousness, seductive ennui and truly inescapable hooks.  An essential purchase”  8/10 

The unreleased recordings date from various sessions from 1980 – 1987 including unheard tracks from the ‘Trials And Crosses’ line-up as well as Sean Purcell’s subsequent bands.  Sean died of a brain tumour in 1996.

‘Trials And Crosses’ comes packaged with a 12-page booklet with photos, lyrics and an extensive background story by Toys expert Iain McDougall.

Disc 1:  1. It’s A Shame; 2. Trials and Crosses; 3. Action; 4. Columbine’s Song; 5. Fall Down; 6. One Close Step; 7. Normandy Nightfall; 8. Lo and Behold; 9. Malice, thru the Looking Glass… Pierrot Lunaire; bonus tracks: 10. Angel Stations; 11. Rooms and Pictures; 12. One Close Step.

Disc 2:  1. Someone’s Crying; 2. Dancing Glass (inst.); 3. Broken Mirrors; 4. Slide; 5. Bring On The Ravers; bonus tracks: 6. Frodo’s Song; 7. Rooms and Pictures (demo); 8. C.O.3; 9. Angel Stations (demo); 10. Razor Games; 11. Every Time; 12. The Boxer; 13. Big Ship; 14. The Big Until (live) 15. It’s A Shame #2 

Stock photo. Factory Shrinkwrapped.

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