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Urban Dogs (Charlie Harper & Knox) 'Urban Dogs' CD version with bonus tracks

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Urban Dogs (Charlie Harper & Knox) 'Urban Dogs' CD version with bonus tracks


Urban Dogs 'Urban Dogs'

35th anniversary CD reissue with unheard bonus tracks.

Urban Dogs is the 1983 debut album of the punk rock collaboration between UK Subs’ CHARLIE HARPER and The Vibrators’ KNOX, together with the Subs’ ALVIN GIBBS plus MATTHEW BEST.

it's being issued on CD for the first time since the 90's, following a Record Store Day red vinyl release.  The bonus tracks are a previously unreleased live gig alongside 3 7" b-sides.  The original artwork is a photo-collage by Knox in tribute to the Stones' Exile on Main Street cover, this CD version also contains an Urban Dogs biography by Knox.

In 1983 the UK Subs and the Vibrators found themselves at a loose end after some lengthy touring. Old friends Charlie Harper and Ian 'Knox' Carnochan got together and started making some music they shared a common love for.

Along with a cover of the New York Dolls and Iggy & the Stooges, they added their own compositions that fitted.  A couple of punk classics emerged; both 'New Barbarians' and 'Limo Life' were chosen for release as 7" singles.

Charlie and Knox, as the Urban Dogs went on to record a number of further albums together, and the collaboration continues to this day.

Tracks: New Barbarians, Limo Life, New Baptism, I Need A Slave, Dragnet, War Babies, Human Race, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Sex Kick, Be Friends, A Bridge Too Far, Human Being. 7” b-sides: Cocaine, Speed Kills, Warhead (ext. ver; unreleased).  Live, previously unreleased: New Barbarians, Wanna World, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Warhead, The Word, Limo Life, Troops of Tomorrow. (22 tracks)

CD cat No: FALLCD060 5013145306024 CD.
(Also available on 2xLP, cat No: FALLLP060 501314530603)

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