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Broken Bones 'Dem Bones'/'Decapitated' CD debut 1984 + singles '83-86 ex-Discharge

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Broken Bones 'Dem Bones'/'Decapitated' CD debut 1984 + singles '83-86 ex-Discharge

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'Dem Bones + Singles 83-86'

DOUBLE-PLAY 25-TRACK CD.  New, shrinkwrapped.

*    Broken Bones debut 1984 LP 'Dem Bones' + 'Decapitated' (singles 83-86 compilation)
*    Classic album from the ex-Discharge speed-metal punk band plus their early 7"s
*    Not on CD for years. Repackaged 12p booklet w-lyrics. Discharge Guardian feature
*    Follows on from the RSD20#1 quad black & white vinyl release of 'Dem Bones' LP

CD reissue of the classic debut studio album by Broken Bones, the ex-Discharge speed-metal punk band, plus a collection of '83-86 7", 10" & 12" singles.  Broken Bones were formed in 1983 by the Discharge twin brothers of Bones (guitar) and Tezz (bass) and were joined by Baz (drums) and Nobby (vocals). 

From the 'Potteries' area, Stoke-On-Trent, they first produced two singles, Decapitated and Crucifix, followed by this album 'Dem Bones' - all fast and furious anthems and UK indie chart Top 10 entries.  The album, originally released in 1984, was produced by Clay Records' Mike Stone who had also produced Discharge.  Along the way, band membership developed, but always featuring the distinctive guitar of Bones.  Tezz later went to the USA, where he played with UK Subs, Ministry, and many others. 

Both brothers are currently in a reformed Discharge, as featured in The Guardian.

Wealth Rules, Who's To Blame, Iron Maiden, Their Living Is My Dead, Big Hard Man, Terrorist Attack, Stand Up, Civil War, Civil War, Secret Agent, City Fodder, Intro, Annihilation No.3, Dem Bones.
DECAPITATED: Decapitated, I.O.U., Crucifix, Problem, Fight The Good Fight, Liquidated Brains, Seeing Through My Eyes, The Point Of Agony, Never Say Die, Death Is Imminent, It's Like, Decapitated Pt. 2.  (25 TRACKS) 

'Dem Bones' is also available as a 'Quad' black & white vinyl LP!

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