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The March Violets 'Big Soul Kiss ~ the BBC Recordings 1982-86' 2LP YELLOW 180g vinyl

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Limited edition in YELLOW vinyl 180g double-LP.  (following the quickly sold-out violet version)  In stock and shipping now.

Twenty-three tracks recorded for John Peel and other BBC programmes over six separate sessions - including nine unreleased songs. 

THE MARCH VIOLETS came out of Leeds in the early 80’s, initially as label-mates of Sisters of Mercy.  Releasing six singles, they were a constant presence at the heights of the UK indie charts, hitting the top two spots with Snakedance, Deep and number one with Walk Into The Sun

They never got around to recording an album – their only '80's long-players, Natural History in the UK and Electric Shades in the USA, were compilations.  Eventually they signed to a major label and were groomed for a USA breakthrough, performing in the 1987 Some Kind of Wonderful movie. However soon they found they were asked to make too many compromises and split up.

A reformed line-up twenty years later led to new recordings on their own label and three tours of the USA in between gigging in the UK, showing the resilience of their music and strength of their fanbase.

Their early eighties career was thankfully well-documented by the BBC, who broadcast six sessions between 1982 and 1986 – three for John Peel, and one each with Kid Jensen, Janice Long and Richard Skinner. 

Chronicling their development from the early days through to their chart-dominating indie hits, with lead singers Simon Denbigh, Rosie Garland and Cleo Murray and backed by bassist Lawrence Elliot and guitarist Tom Ashton, these sessions include nine unreleased songs and alternative versions of their indie hits.  Here is the unheard history of The March Violets.

Side One: 1. Radiant Boys, 2. Steam, 3. 1 2 I Love You, 4. Grooving In Green, 5. Crow Baby, 6. The Undertow.

Side Two: 1. Strangehead, 2. Slow Drip Lizard, 3. Walk Into The Sun, 4. Deep, 5. Kill The Delight.

Side Three: 1. Big Soul Kiss, 2. Lights Go Out, 3. Love Hit, 4. Don’t Take It Lightly, 5. Electric Shades, 6. The Face Of The Dragonfly.

Side Four: 1. Snake Dance, 2. Deep, 3. High Times, 4. Close To The Heart, 5. South Country, 6. Avalanche Of Love. 

Broadcast by the BBC between 1982 – 1986.

Listen to it on digital services, here

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