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Family Fodder 'Savoir Faire - the best of (Director's Cut)' blue translucent vinyl LP

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  • First time on vinyl for this 1998 ‘best of’ collection of their indie-chart hits 1979-82.  Condensed version of the Dark Beloved Cloud collection, in limited coloured vinyl. Includes Debbie Harry, Playing Golf, Dinosaur Sex, Film Music, Warm, Savoir Faire etc

Limited coloured translucent blue vinyl.  A remastered 'best of' collection of their series of eccentric post-punk singles and albums between 1979 and 1982.  Described as ‘entertaining idiosyncratic experimentalism’ (‘Who’s Who of Indie and New Wave’), but they also have very evident pop sensibilities.  Best known for their indie-chart hits such as ‘Debbie Harry’, ‘Playing Golf With My Flesh Crawling’ and ‘Savoir Faire’, today they sound like a forerunner of Stereolab.

A group of musicians based around songwriter Alig Fodder, with vocals regularly contributed by French chanteuse Dominique Levillain, who met through mutual friends This Heat. This is an edited vinyl version of their 1998 'best of' CD, issued on Douglas Wolk's Dark Beloved Cloud label in the USA, with newly concise versions of some lengthier tracks. Since then they've regenerated and have issued new albums on various labels and also on Bandcamp, and had their songs covered by a number of their many artist admirers.

12 Tracks:  Savoir Faire, Der Leiermann, Darling, Playing Golf, Warm, Film Music, Debbie Harry, The Big Dig, Cold Wars, Cerf Volant, Dinosaur Sex, Monkey.  (Tracks are remastered and most are new concise versions.)

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