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Conflict - 'There Must Be Another Way: The 'Singles' 2xLP gatefold with lyrics & poster


Conflict - 'There Must Be Another Way: The 'Singles' 2xLP gatefold with lyrics & poster


Anarcho-punk band Conflict's studio singles all on one vinyl double-LP for the first time. Plus limited fold-out poster.

Two Still-Sealed copies found!

Conflict are probably the world's foremost activist anarchist punk band. First heard on their mentors Crass's label, their 'To a Nation of Animal Lovers' ep inspired anti-vivisection, anti-hunt campaigns. Espousing direct action and numerous political causes, on their own Mortarhate label they dominated the top of the UK singles and albums indie charts in the eighties.

Gigs however, turned into full-scale riots, with over 130 arrested at just four gigs. Police then banned them from performing in the UK, so they went underground and abroad. They went quieter in the nineties, but a resurgence of interest assisted by the 'straight-edge' punk movement reactivated them.

They toured the USA regularly from the 80's onwards. In May 2015 they performed at the Las Vegas 'Punk Rock Bowling' festival alongside Dropkick Murphys and Rancid; on October 10 they play the LA 'It's Not Dead' festival with Bad Religion, NOFX, Anti-Flag etc. http://www.itsnotdeadfestival.com/

This release, the first time all the singles have been collected on vinyl, includes all the lyrics to the singles in the gatefold sleeve, and the initial pressing includes a limited fold-out poster.

Track Listing

Custom Rock, Mighty And Superior, To Whom It May Concern, Climbing The Stairs, These Colours Don't Run, The Serenade Is Dead, The Positive Junk, The System Maintains, Berkshire C*nt, Meat Means Murder, Whichever Way You Want It, Statement, This Is Not Enough, Neither Is This, Conflict, I've Had Enough, War Games, Blind Attack, The Final Conflict, The War Of Words, Now You've Put Your Foot In It, From St. Paul's To Seattle, Carlo Giuliani, A Gaping Hole. (24 tracks).

Bonus Materials

  • Four extra tracks to the CD version.

Sales Points

  • For fans of Crass, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Anti-Flag, etc
  • Limited fold-out A2 poster in initial pressing.

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